A Pig Named Dog

copyright Rich Voza

This is a story that we came up with together as an example in my writing class. We were learning the elements of fiction. The students are going to make up their own stories based on this picture.

Characters: a man named Taeyoung; a pig named Dog

Setting: the airport, modern times

Conflict: Taeyoung wants to bring his pig onto the airplane instead of putting him under the plane.


A Pig Named Dog

“But why not? He’s a dog!” Taeyoung shouted.

“It’s a pig, sir,” the airport attendant said.

“His name is Dog.”

The attendant looked annoyed. “He is still a pig. He has to go under the plane.”

It was useless. Taeyoung said a sad good-bye to Dog and got on the plane. On the plane, he sat next to a man with a pig.

“It’s not fair!” Taeyoung screamed. “I couldn’t bring my pig on the plane.”

“I’m blind,” the man said. “It’s my seeing eye pig.”

Taeyoung smiled. All he needed were dark glasses. Next time, he thought. Next time.



    1. Thanks, Rochelle. It was a fun exercise. I must confess though, although this is a first for the students, I’m a regular Fictioneer masquerading under my work blog. It’s a university in northeastern Iowa, which might be a hint. 🙂


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