Roller Coaster of Emotions

A great, thoughtful post from one of our IEP students.


Last weekend my friends and I went to bike. The Spring Break had arrived. We had nothing to do. We wanted to do something different after a long and boring week. The weather was perfect, and we decided to go out with some bicycles that we had rented. While we were biking we saw a paved path. It looked like a path for biking, and we decided to take it. We were going forward when, suddenly we realized that the path led into a big mountain. When we saw that majestic mountain, we stopped; and we asked ourselves: Will we be able to do it? And one of my friends said:

-If we do not try, we will not know. Let’s try.

We tried it. It was difficult. The mountain was too steep. My legs were so tired. My body just wanted to stop, but nevertheless we achieved it. Then,

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