A Field Trip to the Twin Cities

Minneapolis/St. Paul is only 3.5 hours north of Fayette, Iowa and so a few weeks ago, the Intensive English program took an overnight trip to the twin cities.

The first place where we visited was the Wabasha Caves in St. Paul, to learn about the city’s history during Prohibition and its legacy of gangsters.

After that, and lunch at a Lebanese restaurant, it was off to the Mill City Museum, one of the iconic historic sites in Minneapolis.

The guided tour explained about how the river had been used to power the flour mills and other mills in the area and how flour from Minneapolis made its way all over the world.

That evening, after checking into our hotel and having supper, we headed to the Mall of America for fun and relaxation.

The amusement park inside the mall was also exciting for the students.

The next day was sunny, which was good, since we were outside for most of it. It started in the Minneapolis sculpture gardens.

Then, in the afternoon, we took a tour of the historic river district on Segways. Only one of our group had ever been on one before and it was a great time for everyone.

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