The Old Capitol in Iowa City

A few weeks ago, UIU’s intensive English program took a trip to Iowa city to tour the Old Capitol, which is now a museum, along with the Natural History Museum. The Old Capitol was the legislature of Iowa between 1846 when it became a state, and 1857 when the capital moved to Des Moines.

We were given a tour of the building and the guide brought us through each room, explaining the function and various interesting facts about it.

In the Supreme Court chambers (below), the guide chose one student to be a judge and two more to be the plaintiff and defendant. It turns out he was guilty.

After a good lunch, we headed to the Natural History Museum, which had a lot things to see, including hundreds of species of birds and animals, plus a recreation of a giant land sloth.

It was a cold day but a good time overall and the students enjoyed themselves.

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