Black Hawks Hockey Rules!

What is the fastest, roughest, dare I say, best sport of all time? If you guessed hockey, you probably read the title. And are possibly Canadian.

The IEP recently took in a hockey game with our colleagues in the Center for International Education at UIU. It was the Waterloo Black Hawks, part of the USHL, squaring off against the Des Moines Buccaneers. We were in Waterloo, so we were all cheering the Black Hawks.

None of our students come from countries where hockey is at all a thing, so this was all new: the speed the puck moves around the ice, the roughness of the play, and even (or especially) the fight at the end of the second period that got several of the Des Moines players ejected and briefly gave Waterloo a double powerplay.

I made sure to teach them all the rules beforehand and the very important word, zamboni, since these made an appearance before every period.

Munching on snacks and drinks from the concession stands, we watched the fast-paced action, cheering every time there was a shot on goal, a good save by our goalie, or when we successfully killed a penalty.

At the beginning of the game, I was hoping that Waterloo would win, of course, or that they could get at least one goal. The result though? They crushed Des Moines, 4-0, with three goals in the second period and then an extra one in the third period! It was a great ending and a great experience for everyone who attended.

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