A Christmas Carol: Northland Words’ Dickensian Time Machine

Last Saturday, UIU’s IEP program went to Victorian-era London. Actually, they went to Rochester, Minnesota where they watched a performance of A Christmas Carol put on by the Northland Words theater company. Or should I say, took part in a performance.

The story was the classic one, word for word from the book in most places but the delivery was not a normal play. The audience sat between three stages, with a central aisle that connected them. During the Fezziwigs’ party and Fred’s Christmas party, the benches were pushed back and cast and audience members alike danced while music played and people came around with food and drink. Not all the students were inclined to dance but several did.

Cast members also came and squeezed in next to the audience members (or sat on their laps) and talked to them. One student and instructor even got an enthusiastic hug from the Spirit of Christmas Present while Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig briefly donated their hat and bonnet during the party.

In general, a good time was had by all. The only complaint was that sometimes it was hard to hear the dialogue, with the accents and lack of microphones. Still, the students will have good memories of the night.

Here is a news story done by a local TV station about the performance.

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