UIU Takes Chicago!

Chicago is the third biggest city in the United States and on October 25, Upper Iowa’s Intensive English Program took it by storm, hitting the city’s major attractions and cultural sites in a whirlwind visit.

For many of the students, it was the first time they had visited Chicago. “It’s exactly like Fayette,” said none of the students.

After reaching the city, the group broke up into groups for lunch, one group wanting to eat Mediterranean food and the other wanting to watch the Real Madrid soccer game. As luck would have it, the Mediterranean restaurant was closed and the first group ended up in a burger joint where the soccer game was on. The second group could not find a place to watch the game and found a Mediterranean restaurant to eat at instead.

Next stop was the Art Institute of Chicago. Everyone had their own favorite section but the most disturbing exhibit, by all accounts, was the Clown Torture.

After free time in the afternoon and dinner, we headed for Willis Tower. The weather was perfect and we could see out into what seemed like an infinity of darkness and sparkling lights.

We even ventured out onto the Ledge, a box of glass suspended 103 floors above the ground. No one died, despite several people feeling like they might.

After the tower, half of the group decided to go to Navy Pier to see the Halloween fireworks. It was set to a soundtrack.

The highlight of the next day was a boat tour of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Luckily for us, the weather was sunny and warm, which gave us a spectacular view of the city.

Before heading home, we stopped by the Science and Industry Museum. It was a big hit because of all the interactive features.

Finally we got on the road, arriving back at Upper Iowa University at around 11:00pm that night. We were all exhausted, but happy.

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