Being a Peacock

The mascot of Upper Iowa University is the peacock, which is pretty uncommon. Actually, only two university teams in the US are named the peacocks. Sure, it’s easy to be the lions or the panthers or the dragons, but do you know why we’re the peacocks? Because they’re awesome, that’s why. Here are a few reasons why:

  • they were a symbol of immortality in ancient Greece.
  • in Hindu mythology, the god of war Kartikeya rides on a peacock. Just imagine riding into battle on a peacock. How awesome is that.
  • a peacock’s tail can weigh up to 13 pounds, and it can still fly. Check out this link.
  • they can live up to 20 years.

Peacocks are known all over the world. Here is the word peacock in various languages:

Arabic:  الطاووس

Bengali:  ময়ুর [maẏura]

Chinese:  孔雀 [kǒngquè]

Dutch:  pauw

English:  peacock

French:  paon

German:  Pfau

Hindi:  मयूर [mōra]

Italian:  pavone

Japanese:  孔雀 [kujaku]

Korean:  공작 [gongjak]

Latin:  pavo

Mongolian:  тогос ([togos]

Nepali:  मयूर [mayūra]

Portugese:  pavão

Russian:  Павлин [pavlin]

Spanish:  pavo real

Turkish:  tavuskuşu

Ukrainian:  павич [pavych]

Vietnamese:  con công

Welsh:  paun

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